The Colorado COPD Coalition was created in 2006 and brings together a diverse group of stakeholders from around the state. The Coalition includes health professionals, patients, research scientists, industry representatives, state officials and caregivers. The Colorado COPD Coalition held a COPD Summit in 2006, wrote and began implementation of the Colorado State COPD Plan in 2006/2007 and developed and disseminated the Colorado COPD Surveillance Report in 2007.

The mission of the Colorado COPD Coalition is to create and implement a sustainable and coordinated campaign to address the health crisis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Colorado.

The goals of the Colorado COPD Coalition are to:

1) Increase COPD awareness (including prevention, screening, and treatment)
2) Improve and expand COPD surveillance in Colorado
3) Ensure Colorado healthcare providers correctly identify and treat COPD
4) Increase and coordinate COPD advocacy efforts through education and empowerment.

The Colorado COPD Coalition is sponsored by the Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Pulmonary Disease Grants Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.