National Jewish Medical and Research Center and Bringham and Women’s Hospital were awarded a $37 million grant by the NHLBI to identify genes and other risk factors associated with developing COPD. This will be the most comprehensive study of COPD undertaken. 16 clinical study centers will enroll 10,500 participants, both smokers and non-smokers.

COPD is most often diagnosed in people over 40 with a history of smoking (this includes both former and current smokers). If you smoke, quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to prevent damage to your lungs.

Statewide resources:

Colorado Quitline
The Colorado Quitline is a free, telephone counseling service designed to help Coloradans quit smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products such as cigars or chewing tobacco. Available in both English and Spanish, this confidential service connects tobacco users with trained counselors who guide and support them through the process of becoming tobacco-free. If you live in Colorado, simply call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Classes/support groups:

Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs
Classes are held several times a year and are 5 weeks in length. They employ the Quit Smart program and boast a 67 % quit rate!
Derek Spalding (719) 333-3733

Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital - Denver
Second Breath Program. One-on-one counseling. Smoking history evaluation. Assessment of need for pharmacological assistance (Nicorette gum, Catapres patch, Nicotine patch). Discussion of the physiological effects of smoking cessation. Basic review of diet. “Helping Hand” Survival Kit . Discussion of relapse prevention. Discussion of relaxation techniques. Carbon monoxide readings. Support groups. Individual support, encouragement, and follow up. To participate in Second Breath, Hospital patients and community members need a physician’s order for nicotine counseling.
To schedule an appointment call (voicemail) (303) 675-5480

High Plains Community Health Center - Lamar
Smoking cessation and tobacco - free or reduced cost medications.
(719) 336-0261

Longmont United Hospital - Longmont
Participants may choose either individual or group support to assist them with becoming smoke or chew free. The program will include tips to recognize and handle triggers as well as information on pharmacological interventions. Individual sessions may be scheduled as needed. Group classes are a series of 4 one hour sessions followed by a free 30 minute support session.
(303) 651-5123

Memorial Hospital - Colorado Springs
Kick the Habit is a four-week program that offers professional advice and support. Classes are scheduled throughout the year.
(719) 444-2273

North Colorado Medical Center - Greeley
Four week classes are offered throughout the year and are led by a trained smoking cessation facilitator. Classes are held Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Call Penny Duell at (970) 304-6420 x2391 to register or for additional information. Cost: $11 (includes all four classes/materials) 2008 Dates: January 16 to February 6 (Liberty Room) Getting Ready to Quit, a smoking cessation program: Certified addictions counselor will give you the information you need to get started stopping. Series of three classes on behavior change, physical and mental techniques to promote smoking cessation. $90.

Peak Vista Community Health Centers - Colorado Springs
Offers group classes and individual classes that cover topics such as; why you smoke, harmful effects of tobacco, advantages of quitting, and coping techniques. Must be a member of Peak Vista Community Health Centers. Application necessary.
(719) 632-5700

Peterson Air Force Base - Colorado Springs
Classes are available throughout the year. It is a 6 week long course meeting once a week. There is an online class available. Anyone who works on Peterson Air Force Base may take the class. Nicotine replacement therapy is available free for active duty, retired personnel, their spouses and dependents. Civilians have to obtain medication on their own.
(719) 556-4292

Porter Adventist Hospital - Denver
Porter Adventist Hospital offers a comprehensive tobacco cessation program including individual and group counseling, behavior modification, and complementary therapy. It is a three part program. The first section is free is designed to prepare the smoker for the quitting process. The second section is for people who need more support during the actual quitting process. It continues for 6 sessions over 4 weeks. The third section is a year of follow up phone or e-mail support.
Mary Bearman (303) 778-5890

Saint Anthony Central Hospital and Saint Anthony North Hospital - Denver
Certified addictions counselor will give you the information you need to get started stopping. The program is a series of three classes on behavior change, physical and mental techniques to promote smoking cessation. $90.
Andrea Bon-Wilson (303) 629-4051

St. Thomas More Hospital - Canon City
This 12-week course is designed to educate, counsel and offer support to people wanting to quit tobacco use, including the use of smokeless tobacco (chew). The Cooper-Clayton method is utilized, which features the use of nicotine patches, lozenges and gum (as appropriate), support groups, and respiratory function testing. Nutrition, exercise and stress management are also key components.
Laurie (719) 285-2010

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Colorado Springs
Offers group smoking cessation classes. Schedule is dependent upon the availability of an instructor. Call for information on the next scheduled class.
(719) 578-5616

Valley View Hospital - Glenwood Springs
QuitSmart Program: Four-session course to help individuals stop smoking. Classes are scheduled as needed. Please call to express interest or to receive information on the next scheduled class.
(970) 384-6945

Veterans Administration Medical Center - Denver
Individual and group counseling available as well as supervised medication support.
(303) 399-8020

Veterans Administration Medical Center - Grand Junction
Individual and group counseling available as well as supervised medication support.
(970) 242-0731

County information:

Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment
Will help you design your own approach to cutting down and quitting smoking. SmokeBusters: The Tobacco Cessation’s Treatment Program is part of Jefferson County Department of Health and Environment. This seven-week course is based on an individualized treatment plan, and is focused on solutions.
Jonathan Heitsmith (303) 239-7169

Pueblo County Health Department
Program is offered monthly. It consists of 4 class sessions in one month. These classes cover issues such as: methods for quitting, tips for dealing with cravings, etc. It is held in a different location each month, so please call for location information. $30.00. Scholarships are available.
(719) 583-4334

Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment - Greeley
The “You Can Quit” program consists of 4 sessions that teaches about how to quit, withdrawal symptoms, lifestyle changes, and quitting medications. Classes are held four times per year. Please try to sign up at least one week prior to the class start date to reserve space and materials.
Penny Duell (970) 304-6420