National Jewish Medical and Research Center and Bringham and Women’s Hospital were awarded a $37 million grant by the NHLBI to identify genes and other risk factors associated with developing COPD. This will be the most comprehensive study of COPD undertaken. 16 clinical study centers will enroll 10,500 participants, both smokers and non-smokers.

Breathing Matters Conference
Complete conference video here

The Colorado COPD Coalition held a 2-hour conference entitled "Breathing Matters: Living Well with COPD & Asthma" on August 27, 2009 at the University of Colorado Hospital. The event provided an opportunity for an open dialog between medical professionals, caregivers and patients about the chronic care of adult asthma and COPD. Conference speakers included:

Betty Sweeney
Advocacy: How to get involved and help make a difference

Fummy Sotunde, PharmD
Pharmaceutical and Research: GOLD Standards and what's new

Heather A. Driscoll, RD, MBA

Joan Balik, RRT
Quality of Life: Benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation, exercise and traveling tips