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Protecting Life and Property With Firewatch Services

What is Fire Watch Services? Fire watch services are specialized, on-site security roles performed by specially equipped security guards. Services generally include: Fire fighting, securing a scene of a fire, and evacuating buildings. Other duties may be necessary to safely carry out these duties. Some companies hire private companies or independent security experts to perform these duties, while others outsource these duties to an outside firm.

An independent security services firm or a local security services company will not hire anyone with an extensive background in fire protection and safety. Instead, the firm hires people with extensive backgrounds in specific areas of expertise such as fire watch services, fire marshal, and first aid. They will then train the individuals on their specific job responsibilities. Once hired, the individuals will go on regular training courses as required by their employers.
To perform their duties adequately, individuals must be highly trained in fire protection and safety. In addition to receiving formal training in fire watch services, they should also be thoroughly tested on their knowledge and skills of the many hazards that they will be faced with on-site. These tests are usually given annually. Individuals who successfully pass the test are then placed on an on-site team where they are trained in recognizing real-life hazards and signs of fire dangers.
Fire watch services employ several types of patrol units. One type of patrol is known as a response patrol. This type of patrol responds to an emergency by rushing to the incident site. The responder is the fire lookout or security officer and the person on duty will be the patrol’s dispatcher. Response patrol teams may also respond to medical emergencies or call for additional units to assist in the event of a fire.
Another type of patrol is called an off-site patrol. These fire watch services respond to incidents that occur off-site – this could be a construction site or a work site. Off-site patrol teams may respond to alarms or requests for assistance from other law enforcement agencies. The fire protection system may be located on-site or at a temporary staging location. An off-site patrol may arrive in minutes to one hour and will perform specific tasks such as interviewing witnesses, gathering information and providing cover to the fire protection system.
There are numerous fire hazards that can occur on construction sites. To protect these sites from injury, the fire department trains its employees in fire protection techniques. Many of these techniques are common sense, but when life and property are at stake, it is imperative to use every method that is available. A fire guard may be called to provide cover for an injured construction worker or another injured worker. They may be called to escort workers off the job site due to danger or smoke. If an on-the-job accident occurs, fire watch services may be called to help protect the injured worker by helping them to leave the job site, clearing away waste and preventing additional damage.