Using the UK 49ers Latest Results Website

A few days ago I was looking through a site that looked at uk 49 schedules and I noticed that they were doing something a little interesting. A couple things jumped out at me. First, the site was showing two week’s worth of results for each team. Second, it was showing every single game played by every team in the NFL during that two week period. This instantly made it so that my NFL picks for any given week could easily be done based on my favorite teams.
So what was this new system that was being done at the UK 49ers football games website? It was a rankings tracking system that bases its picks on my best information and then compares it with all of the other information available. The best information is the actual snap counts for every team, the average starting quarterback, and the overall efficiency rating of the running game as well as the wide receiver group. Once it has these key factors in place, it then gives you my best NFL picks for the next week.
So how did this tool work for me? First, every week, I’d email the website and request a copy of the NFL schedule. This included the entire slate of games for that week, the exact play-by-play results for every snap, and the final UK 49ers results for the previous two days. Then I would take all of this information and put it in a spread sheet to form the basis of my second best UK 49ers picks for the week.
This second piece of information was the best thing I got from the site. It told me the snap counts for every team was accurate, but the overall efficiency rating of the team was actually worse than I expected. So, I ignored it. But two days later, I was looking through the football scores again and saw the snap count data. Now I was actually getting some useful information! So I went back into my spread sheet and took note of everything.
The final piece of information that I got from the website is the UK 49ers results for last year’s win over the Ravens. It gave me a chance to get even more in-depth into my top dogs and find out what teams are good “on paper” and those that might surprise everyone with a great performance. For example, the Miami Dolphins was listed at number one but only because it was a rivalry game. They lost to the Ravens anyway, so they didn’t make my top NFL picks for the upcoming season.
It is very easy to pick which teams will perform well against which teams on a weekly basis. But you’ll never be able to rely upon your picks unless you do your homework. Fortunately, I did. Now I can’t wait to go into each week and try to pick the best NFL teams, week in and week out.